It’s a wide known fact that tea has many health benefits. The health advantages of matcha green tea is prodigious. It’s shown to weaken the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It’s a potent fine ground powder form of green tea consisting of the highest quality leaves. Since the health benefits are multiplied in the powder formula, one glass amounts to as many as ten glasses worth of antioxidants as standard green tea.

Matcha has been taken for nearly one thousand years in Japan. In Japan, eating healthy and maintaining good weight is an art. The people of this country are the largest consumers of green tea and live the longest lives with their health unscathed. The green tea powder comes from the lavishly nutritious leaves of Camellia sinensis plants. When the powder is formulated, it’s first steamed and stemmed. The vines are taken off before the leaves are stone-ground into minute particles that create the powder. It’s stored with no oxygen or light so it retains all the antioxidants.

Powdered green tea can be identified as the highest power of green tea. It’s an opportune solution for those days that start out sluggish with a blend of caffeine and nutrients that hike up energy. Increased energy levels from matcha lasts several hours. The ingredient L-Theanine abates symptoms associated with caffeine like hypertension and uneasiness. It’s a side effect free way to fortify energy in the body. Green tea also has powerful detoxification capabilities. It cleanses the body of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins that find a way in the system. The fact that the powder formula is shade-grown means that the detoxifying ingredients are more robust. Although it can’t be depended on as a weight loss supplement, it does support a healthy metabolism.

The powder form of green tea can fight against age-related maladies. The active antioxidants are so much stronger in the powder formula which is necessary for the body as it ages. It takes more effort for the body to absorb essential nutrients in supplements as a person ages. The potency in powder green tea formula makes it easier for the body to use it to full capacity. It’s a great supplement to use daily, for it carries a balanced flow of energy through the body with just the right levels of stimulants and relaxants.