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Video Marketing Online For Improved Bottom Line

The ability to track the actual engagement of each viewer is one of the most interesting and under-appreciated concepts in the video marketing space, and not just whether or not someone pushed the play button. Since video is a connected, streaming content medium, it can be utilized by marketing and sales professionals to track the second-by-second viewing habits of their buyers and trigger immediate actions based on how that person actually engaged with the content. Bringing people into the story with the use of creative video, then using the analytics behind the scenes to bring forth insights and drive action when viewers are most engaged with the brand being promoted, is a very powerful concept.

Add to this idea is the capacity to monitor very detailed insights on the behaviors of viewers and the performance of video content that is otherwise not possible with traditional text and image-based content. It is now possible to monitor view counts and minutes watched as well as understand which videos are best holding people’s attention, and which ones are seeing high drop-off rates. With the tracking of the identity and engagement of each viewer within the marketing and sales systems, therefore, a way is provided for understanding how each video contributes to lead generation, pipeline and revenue production. Today, the basics and pre-requisites for optimizing video usage in marketing are entrenched. This should redound to a massive growth in the use of intermediate and advanced analytics that will aid businesses learn how to hone their video marketing skills.

Marketers cannot ignore the surge in visual content online. There are over a billion users worldwide with YouTube alone. Visual content now drives almost 60% of all digital impressions. In order for marketers to maintain their relevance and obtain business results, they must now define and adapt their content strategy based on video as the medium of choice.

A recent report indicated that companies with greatest success with video marketing rated the importance and effectiveness of different types of videos in the following order, starting with the most effective:

1. Positive reviews from customers
2. On-demand product demo videos
3. Videos that explain or show how a thing is done
4. Interviews of experts on a subject
5. Evaluations of projects and case studies
6. Webinars that are live and on-demand
7. Blogs that use video
8. Events captured with video

It is quite interesting to note that customer testimonials and on-demand product demos top the list. However, this just shows that content sits closest to new revenue and proves video marketing can help boost earnings for a company.

Online video is still considered by many as merely viral YouTube content, Facebook video ad, or flashy homepage video used to tell a brand’s story. There is a trend seen in recent years, though, where the most successful brands are expanding use of video throughout the entire customer journey. These brands create better relationships, educate and win over buyers, and heighten customer satisfaction with evolving video marketing techniques.

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