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Minimizing HVAC Energy Utilization- Five Ways to Go About It Systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning enable you to enjoy warmth and proper air quality inside a building. They control temperature and humidity to give you a comfortable environment. You need HVAC devices at home, in offices and also in marine environments among other enclosed buildings. Equipment for HVAC are connected to an energy source. This article discusses five ways to control the energy usage by the HVAC gadgets. First, you can use alternative sources of power other than electricity. Such an option can be creating electricity using solar panels. Furthermore, thermal energy from the sun can be gathered when there is sunlight and stored as both electrical and thermal energy to power HVAC systems through solar heating. For big industries, ice powered air conditioning and geothermal heating can be used. You need to cut your heating needs. You can wear warm garments or blanket yourself to increase your thermostat. Add or turn off temperature on AC and use the fan to keep cool. It consumes less power to blow air than turn hot air into cold air. You also have to regulate motor speed on fans depending on the demand because power is equal to the cube of speed, so reduced speed reduces the power consumption. Additionally, do not concurrently heat and cool the building. It results to huge wastage of power.
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When you are not using the HVAC equipment, switch them off. Inasmuch as it may be apparent, you may forget. Unplug or switch off the HVAC equipment when you are out of the building. They use electricity when the switch is on even when you are not using them. Let it be your custom to confirm that sockets are switched off when you leave the building.
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Current HVAC equipment save more energy than the traditional ones, so invest in a new model. Use plugs that save power or automatic controls that can tell the temperature level to stimulate working instead of working the whole time. Area to be covered and cost of power, among other factors, should be put in mind when purchasing a new appliance. Get rid of outdated appliances because they use a lot of energy. Smart thermostats that are programmable should be installed to efficiently control your heating and cooling systems. Technology has made it possible for the programmable thermostats to be part of the cloud where you can connect to the WiFi. With sensors and cloud computing technologies, the thermostats can learn your habits and detect the weather hence adjust accordingly. You need to choose the right sized equipment to avoid too much power consumption. Be it your staff or family members; educate them on the above ways to save power. Cut on expenses by regulating your HVAC power consumption.