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Advice on Getting Free Rent Through Commercial Lease Negotiating A commercial building which rents out various properties to different businesses will have so many challenges to meet every month. They won’t just deal with looking for new tenants but also keeping the existing tenants and they must also take care of the property and handle issues and complaints. For so many commercial property owners, a lot of the spaces are considered to be bonuses once they are rented. What this means is that there are good reasons why some of the rents which they currently charge could just lead to nothing. A free commercial lease is one excellent incentive for some business owners. Get to know the reason for you to obtain free rent. First, if the commercial property is empty, then getting any business in there can inspire others to consider moving too. Remember the last time that you drove to a struggling small strip mall. You may have seen a lot of empty storefronts and you may have also felt how lonely the place is. The business that stayed was not getting any foot traffic from the other stores and they had to bring their customers through targeted marketing efforts. It is difficult to rent a space when there are more empty spaces around. When your business is the last one that is in the area then it would be a great idea that you make an offer to the landlord that you will be staying when the rent is up for renewal and get this incentive for a certain time period.
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What are the reasons for you to get a free rent? The landlord may be a person who is from the other side of the country and cannot deal with the tenants or issues which arise in the course of having a commercial space. You can be the landlord’s eyes in the location and show the available units or spaces to the prospective customers and do managerial work in exchange for a free commercial rent.
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You may also offer to watch over the property such as maintaining that secure area and ensure that it is free of damage and vandalism and keep the property properly-maintained and clear from snow and abandoned cars. This would take some of your effort and time but when you are struggling to make the ends meet and keep the business aloft, the little things are minor in the scheme of getting free rent. There is also another good reason why you should get free rent. When your business is the type of business that your commercial lease landlord likes to attract, then through offering you free rent, he will make sure that you will remain a tenant for a specified period of time.