Falling Inside A Store: Do You Have A Legal Case?

If you have fallen and tripped inside a store, you may have a legal case against the store for negligence. The store has a certain duty to provide its customers with a safe environment. In order to have a legal case you have to be able to prove that the store knew about the condition and did not take the proper steps to ensure their guests’ safety.

All businesses who open their doors to the public are required by law to maintain safe premises, within reasonable parameters, for their customers. Negligence suits can be filed when a person or store does not exercise their reasonable duty. In this instance, if a store does not take care of conditions that caused or could cause a customer to slip and fall, they can be held liable for the injury and all costs the injury incurred.

There are many reasons you may slip and fall inside of a store. You may fall because there was ice, snow or water near the store entrance. You may fall because displays were set up in an unsafe manner and items fell on a customer. The store may be poorly lit, causing you to fall. Or perhaps you slipped on an old spill.

Regardless of why you or another person fell, the real issue at hand is if it is the store’s fault. A case has to be made that it was the store’s responsibility to prevent your injury. You have to prove, for instance, that they did not take the proper steps to correct a situation. For example, if there was ice and snow near the entrance, they could have cleaned it up or provide a caution sign for customers. It has to be proven that the store should have been aware of what was happening and taken steps to prevent anyone from becoming hurt. You also will have to prove that you were not able to avoid the unsafe conditions. You have a reasonable responsibility to look about for your own safety and exercise caution.

If you slip and fell inside of a store, and you think you have a case that your injury was based upon the store’s negligence, contact an attorney right away. They can help you determine if you have a case and help you collect evidence. You can find more information about slip and fall cases at http://www.meltzertaylor.com/tamarac-slip-and-fall-lawyer/ has all you need to know.