A Well-Designed Custom Package Can Enhance Any Product

The box that holds a new product can have much to do with its ultimate success. Consumers reach for those boxes and packages that not only hold appeal to their visual senses, but resonate with their sense of style. While the exact retail package that holds a product needs to vary according to its size and shape, there are certain requirements that all box designs need to follow.

One way for a package to be considered “retail-ready” is for this box to be “shelf-ready.” This means that retailers can remove each item from their wholesale order and begin to restock their retail shelves in a minimum of time. Retail stores enjoy working with this type of packaging, because it saves them the costs of labor having to sort and reassemble materials. Merchandise placed in boxes from The Box Co-op work quite well in this respect.

When manufacturers place their orders for custom packaging, it is wise to work with a specific set of goals in mind. One way to ascertain exactly what will be needed, is to speak to shoppers directly. These prospective customers can tell a manufacturer right away what variety of box they appreciate and what type of packaging they find frustrating.

Always be sure to take into consideration the age and activity level of your target audience. Packaging aimed at young adults can be more intricate to open, as their eye and hand coordination will be at its peak. Boxes that hold family oriented products, usually have a better chance at popularity when they can be resealed as necessary. When it comes to an older retail audience, boxes aimed at seniors need to be made so that they can be easily opened and closed by someone who may not have a great deal of physical strength.

When customizing your box, make sure to have it customized to feature your brand and original logo. Packaging that closely resembles that of your competitor is not just confusing to prospective consumers, but counterproductive to individual sales. The goal should always be to create a box that stands out among competitors in the marketplace, but fits in comfortably with other merchandise in its category.