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The Changing Landscape of Web Design Web design involves many different disciplines and skills when it comes to the maintenance and production of a website. The skills and disciplines include standardized code, search engine optimization, graphic design, and interface design. Web designers can work independently working with each facet of the design and development but they more o will work in groups with each person specializing in a different area of the design. The term web design most often only refers to the process of front end website design. Web development is a term that is used to refer to the work involved in creating websites and operations for the internet. Hyper Text Markup language or HTML, plays a big role in website design, essentially this is what gives a website its content, meaning, and structure; this is referring to the headings, paragraphs, and images. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a display language that is used to enhance the visual appeal of the content for example the colors and fonts. These languages are used independently of one another and as such they should be maintained this way by web design. CSS should not be written in HTML and HTML should not be written as CSS. The common rule for this is that HTML should represent the content and CSS should represent how that content appears. Beginners to HTML will find some elements strange and new terms but in time the language will start to look familiar. Depending on the website and the production process, web designers will use a wide range of tools in their work. The principles mainly remain the same but the tools and technologies will change over time as software and standards are always evolving. To create design prototypes and images for the internet, web designers use vector and raster graphics. Another tool used by web designers is search engine optimization, this strategy looks at the ranks of a web site on the search engines and how to improve that rank. There are also tools that deal with the usability and accessibility of a website and make sure it meets specific guidelines.
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According to many professionals and experts, a websites homepage is the most important aspect of a website. As search engines have increased their contents, more and more people have started to enter a website from other pages than the homepage, they will be taken to specific content within your website. The success of a website is now less dependent on the homepage. In recent years, banners and sliders have become popular elements to be placed on homepages. Carousels display recent topic and content in a certain space. You should know as a person interested in web design that carousels will often damage usability and optimization.Discovering The Truth About Designers